• Wuhan MEMSonics BAW filter has made significant progress

    According to Memes Consulting, recently, Wuhan MEMSonics Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wuhan MEMSonics") announced that the company had completed the research and development work of aluminum nitrid...

    2022-02-07 13:10:47

  • A Startup with Great Investment Potential

    On January 19, 2022, the 2021 Optics Valley Qingtong Annual Meeting was held in the Optics Valley Science and Technology Building. The meeting was under the guidance of Department of Science and Technology of Hubei Provi...

    2022-01-19 11:56:48

  • Winner of Optics Valley Gazelle Award

    Wuhan MEMSonics won the "Top 10 High-value Optical Valley Gazelle in 2021"(Correspondent: He Jinlong)On November 12, 2021, the "2021 Optics Valley Gazelle Enterprise Summit" was held in the Management Committee of Wuhan ...

    2022-01-19 11:47:23

  • Memsonics won second prize in product competition

    The 12th Chinese MEMS Frabrication Conference was hosted from October 27th to 29th,2021, Wuhan MEMSonics, as a rookie in the MEMS industry, made its debut at the industry event and participated in all the parts of the"me...

    2021-10-28 11:15:43

  • Wuhan MEMSonics organized a patriotic activity

    On July 9th, 2021, Wuhan MEMSonics Technologies Co., Ltd. organized experts and employees to watch the film 1921. The film was about the early days of the founding of Communist Party of China and greatly inspired the exp...

    2021-07-13 15:11:28

  • Wuhan MEMSonics: A Potential Unicorn Company

    On June 29th, 2021, a press conference on Chinese Potential Unicorn Company Report was held in Suzhou. The Report was released by Great Wall Enterprise Institute. Wuhan MEMSonics was on the list.

    2021-07-09 15:21:19

  • Wuhan MEMSonics got an investment of 100 million CNY

    On June 8th,2021, a signing ceremony of financing agreements was hosted by Wuhan MEMSonics in Wuhan. In this ceremony, Wuhan MEMSonics signed financing agreements with famous institutions, including Oriental Star Company...

    2021-06-09 15:36:10

  • Minister Liu Qiang visited Wuhan MEMSonics, Nanchang Branch

    On February 19, Liu Qiang, Minister of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee, went to the provincial high-level talent industrial park to visit and investigate talent projects. He visited high-lev...

    2021-06-01 15:43:26

  • Technical Decision-making Seminar in MEMS RF Industry

    In order to thoroughly implement the national innovation-driven development strategy, vigorously enhance the independent innovation capability of MEMS RF devices, and develop domestic replacement of high-end filters, a t...

    2021-06-01 15:39:40